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PET Technologies to Supply Automatic Blower APF-3002 to Arion Company


Once Yoko Ono said: “You are water / I am water / we’re all water in different containers/ that’s why it’s so easy to meet”. PET Technologies and Arion companies collaboration (Devaytis TM) arose from water.

Not long ago a leading spring water company in the Western Ukraine launched automatic blow molding machine APF-3002 that enables to produce 3000 bph, 0.2 – 2.0 l. The heater is equipped with 8-zone temperature control and permits to produce asymmetric PET bottles with original shape.

PET Technologies supplied APF-3002 blower with a blow mold to form 1.5 l bottles for carbonated and non-carbonated water. We can not only enjoy fresh water, but also get aesthetic pleasure thanks to the bottle ergonomic design and its structural elements. The bottle shoulders with the enforcement ribs resemble water flow through the underground rivers from the Carpathian Mountains and highlight its natural origin from the Devaytis spring.

Now Arion company – name and logo derive from the Ancient Greek myth – bottles water without additional filtration. It is nature that purifies it. The plant near the spring permits to preserve all medicinal properties. PET bottles blow molding machine positive environmental impact is obvious – it’s not necessary to transport empty containers polluting the atmosphere.

On the one hand, water connected two manufacturing companies. On the other hand, this meeting provides us an opportunity to enjoy spring water from ergonomic PET bottles. That’s the way the project, PET Technologies and Arion companies have successfully carried out, reflects Yoko Ono quote.

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